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How to Quickly Hack ANY Unfavorable Behavior

Give me a couple hours, and you’ll know exactly how to eliminate frustrating behaviors in as little as five minutes per day

Of course, you love your child!
But you also, sometimes find them hard to love...

Hey mama – I am not judging you – we’ve all been there.
There is crying
There is screaming
There is a total break down of communication…
And that is just from you …

Your kid is on a whole other planet.

Don’t worry, you aren’t alone.
Hundreds of moms and dads are fighting the same battles that you are.

Sometimes you may even feel like that this behavior will NEVER change.And, it can be overwhelming…

But guess what -This doesn’t have to be your reality.

You CAN correct that behavior. It isn’t too late.

Now I KNOW what you are thinking…

I should have started disciplining them earlier…

I’ve already tried EVERYTHING my kid is never going to change…

I REALLY don’t know what to do, and I don’t think anything you can teach me will make a difference…

But before you get stuck on those thoughts, hear me out –

There is a strategy that will correct your child’s frustrating behavior.


It DOES work with older children.


It is different than what you’ve probably been told by other experts or read online.

And you, yes you, just as you are – CAN implement it and have success.


Do I have your attention?

I want to tell you about my Behavior Hacks Lab.

This is a membership program that I have created for busy moms who are overwhelmed with their child(ren) frustrating behavior and want to finally end the chaos by correcting poor behavior habits but don’t know where to start.

It is different than any other parenting program out there because it is NOT based on a general strategy or a “one solution fits all approach”


The Behavior Hacks Lab is delivered LIVE via Facebook Live Streams and short videos in a private judgment-free Facebook community.

It is intentionally designed with BUSY moms in mind –


Meaning that there is no coursework to struggle through on your own…

No confusing jargon or difficult to understand ( and implement ) strategies…

And I promise, this program ISN’T going to make you feel inadequate or judged for your parenting choices.

Let me meet you where you are at…


I don’t believe in temporary band-aid solutions.


I want to help moms identify and resolve behavior issues for good.​

It is my background as a specialty foster parent and years as a court-appointed advocate for youth, that has inspired in me a desire to help moms ( from all walks of life ) reclaim their sanity and take a proactive approach to correct their children’s behavior.​

Because of my 25 years of dealing with what would be described as “difficult kids” I have learned ONE THING;

There is no such thing as a “bad kid” or “bad parents” –
just poor communication and habits that need to be corrected.

Every parent wants what is best for their child.
And what is best for your child, is to learn better behavior habits. Trust me.

Change can be hard.
But change can also be incredibly rewarding.

$49  here is what you get:

Here is what you can expect:

The Behavior Hacks Lab is for any mom who:

Ever felt overwhelmed by their child’s frustrating behavior –

Who has felt guilty or ashamed about their parenting techniques –

Believes that they have tried everything and nothing has worked –

Has questioned if they are “a good parent” or felt that they have been failing big time in the mommy department –

Doesn’t know where to go for help and doesn’t have access to the support that they need –


Don’t go ONE MORE DAY doubting yourself.
Remove the chaos and rekindle the connection.

Plus these bonuses:

Bonus #1

Report - 3 Secrets to Raising a Happy and High Performing Child

Bonus #2

Cheatsheet - 7 Behavior Hacks for Busy Moms

Bonus #3

eBook - A Parent’s Guide to Raising Happy Children Who Excel in Life

Bonus #4

Cheatsheet - What’s Driving My Child’s Unfavorable Behavior

Who is Tameka M Anderson:


Tameka M Anderson has worked with parents and children for over 25 years. As a court-appointed youth advocate, Tameka has seen and dealt with behavior issues of all types. Described by her clients as the “The Child Whisperer” Tameka, has assisted countless parents with her techniques.

What other people say about Tameka:

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