the 6 Hacks that Are "instantly changing" children's behavior in as little as two days!
See why A once frustrated mom calls these Hacks "invaluable"
A Blueprint To Correcting Poor Behavior And Ending The Chaos
Being a working mom can be a thankless job that quickly gets overwhelming. Managing the bills, the children, and the household builds a lot of stress. And the stress is only amplified by your child's bad behavior. 

Take a deep breath. This program is for you.

This membership program is the blueprint for busy moms who are overwhelmed with the bad behavior of their children. It's the step-by-step plan for moms who want to end the chaos by correcting poor behavior habits.

If you don’t know where to start, that's fine. The majority of mothers who join feel lost. But by the end of the program, they have ultimate clarity.
Developed By A Professional Parenting Coach And Published Author
I’m Tameka Anderson, founder of Parenting Confident Kids. I'm an experienced court-appointed youth advocate and foster parent for special needs children. I have worked with parents and children for over 22 years from all home environments and backgrounds.

I've seen how challenging it can be for busy mothers to continue to thrive when they are juggling work life and motherhood. Not only have I seen all types of situations, I've resolved countless cases. Some mothers even call me “The Child Whisperer!”

My background is inspiring me to help moms from all walks of life reclaim their sanity and take a proactive approach to correct their children’s behavior.
Stop Struggling And Start Thriving
The Behavior Hacks Lab is different than any other parenting program out there. It is not based on a general strategy or a “one solution fits all approach”. Instead, we focus on each child’s individual personality and circumstances to identify:

1. Where bad behavior is coming from.
2. What can be done to improve the behavior of each individual child.
3. What support do you need to cope with the current situation with your child and begin to make changes in your home.

This program is intentionally designed with busy moms in mind. That's why we're keeping it low commitment and offering a scholarship to the first 49 applicants. More on that later...

And we're packing it with high value. In addition to the Behavior Hacks Vault, we're including the following...
The Tantrum Annihilator Method
We've all experienced it. The public meltdown.

Say goodbye to your child's tantrums in the parking lot or the shopping mall. We've identified the key triggers of a tantrum, and the exact tactics you can use to defuse the situation. Never again will you need to worry about looking like a bad mother in front of a crowd.
The Frustration Eliminator
Being a mother can be frustrating. Especially once your child starts acting up. It can seem as if there's no end to the madness.

In this course, you're going to go from Frustrated to Fascinated. By installing these quick tips into your daily life, you'll be fascinated at how easy parenting can be.
Guidebook For Raising Happy And Excelling Children
This is your personal roadmap driving your child's success. This guidebook was developed after years of experience with both mothers and children.

It's packed with the same information I've used with my students who have went on to become actors and TEDx speakers. Install these same concepts into your child for ultimate success.
Lifetime Access To Our Private Mastermind
You will receive lifetime access to our Private Mastermind Group. This is a judgement-free community where we openly discuss challenges and implement strategies.

You will never have to struggle on your own. Someone from my team or from the community will always be a stones throw away from you.
A Personal 1-on-1 Success Call
14 days into the program, you will receive a personal, 1-on-1 success call. Unlike other programs, we aren't going to leave you high and dry. We're going to ensure that you benefit from our courses.

Myself or a member of my team will instill into you the confidence to be a fantastic mother. We're in this together! And on this call, we're going to make sure you're thriving.
Don't Forget About Your Scholarship
I understand the power of this program. I've seen how this is transforming mothers and children. That's why I'm offering the first 49 moms who join us a scholarship discount.

In the past, I've sold courses like these for anywhere between $99 to $499. The contents of this course are easily worth that and more. But this isn't about money. It's about your success, your confidence, and your child.

That's why when you join today, I'm slashing the price down from $149 to $49.  Again that's a tiny enrollment fee for a lifetime of access to the Behavior Hacks Vault plus the 5 bonuses.
A Can't Miss Opportunity For Mompreneurs
To sum up, here's everything you'll receive when you join today:
  •  Lifetime Access To The Behavior Hacks Lab: You will receive every future update absolutely free.
  • The Tantrum Annihilator Method: Never worry about public meltdowns again.
  • The Frustration Eliminator: Tips to go from frustrated to fascinated.
  •  Guidebook For Raising Happy And Excelling Children
  •  Lifetime Access To Our Private Mastermind: Where you and other mompreneurs can swap tricks and tips.
  •  Personal 1-on-1 Success Call: A call with one of our elite coaches to ensure you get maximum value for your membership.
  •  Scholarship Discount For Being One Of The First 49 Inner Circle Members
This Is Your Chance To Reclaim Your Sanity And Your Household
By now it's clear...

You could end your stress and improve your child's behavior...

Or you could continue pulling your hair out in frustration.

The choice is yours.

To ensure that you don’t miss out on this opportunity, you simply must click the GET ME STARTED NOW button below. You'll be re-directed to pay just $49 for this advanced, highly-exclusive program.

I look forward to getting to know you.
“I found Tameka’s summer camp about 3 years ago and I enrolled my daughter. I had been having some issues with her behavior and I will never forget one day Ms. Tameka came to me and said, “do you want me to help you change this behavior?” I said, “of course but don’t know what to do.” She said, “give me two days. Just do everything I say.” I can admit I was a little skeptical that the behavior would or could be changed that soon, however, I did everything she told me to do for those two days and my daughter’s behavior was instantly changed. I now follow Tameka wherever she is. She is just that good!”
-Lourdes Colon

“Tameka has been instrumental in helping me to better understand my children. Especially my son. She provided me with great tools to use when communicating with them. Talking to them, not at them. Her help is invaluable.”
-Shavonne C.
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